Marina Magic allows you to track and manage all boats and pens, and links them to your members in Member Magic for easy billing. Marina Magic manages a wide range of boat classifications including power yachts, keel boats, dinghy yachts, tenders and houseboats. 'Pen' management includes standard marina pens on jetties and also include moorings, hardstandings and boat racks.

Pens and boats can be navigated via:

  • an intuitive colour-coded pen map that shows them organised by jetty/rack, or
  • searched for by name or code
  • or can be browsed in alphabetic order.

Powerful bulk billing options allow you to easily bill for pen, electricity, water and boat registration fees. 

Standard reports are available such as jetty check and safety check reports, as well as comprehensive exports to work with marina data in any way required in spreadsheet software such as MS Excel. 

Pen & Boat Management

Marina Magic stores all details of a boat including its type, location, owners and insurance. Similarly, for each pen Marina Magic stores its type, location, dimensions, contents and owners/lessees. If other details are needed Marina Magic gives you the option to add extra fields.

The central view of Marina Magic is a visual pen map showing all pens organised by jetty or rack. Pens are colour-coded to show whether they are occupied or vacant. The display can alternate between showing pen names or the occupying boat name. Pens can be browsed in alphabetic order or by searching for their identifying pen code. Boats can be browsed and searched for by name or registration number.

Marina Billing

Marina Magic has advanced billing capabilities to handle anything from simple pen leasing to through to more complex situations, such as multiple pen owners, or different members responsible for the pen and the boat kept in it.

Pen fees can be automatically calculated based on pen length or area, or simply entered as exact figures. These calculations can be rounded to the nearest 5c, 10c or whole dollar. Marina Magic provides an easy way to charge electricity and water utility fees. Any boat registration fees can be charged to boat owners, whether the boats have a recorded pen location or not.

Marina Magic supports various billing schedules including yearly, quarterly and monthly cycles. 

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