Member Magic is the hub of your club's operations, providing single handling of member information across multiple systems. Say goodbye to having to enter a new member in four different places!

  • Out-of-the-box standard fields ready to store all member details commonly needed at clubs
  • ID device registration to manage member electronic keys or cards, that are automatically shared with point of sale and access control systems
  • Notes system to keep history related to member
  • 20 custom fields and unlimited 'member groups' to track a huge amount of custom information about each member, as per club requirements
  • Member facilities system to track member lockers, equipment, dinghy or golf buggy storage space

Member Portal

Member Magic includes a fully integrated online Member Portal website that provides a feature-rich, private communication channel between the club and members.

  • Member logins to the Member Portal are automatically created and removed as the are entered into Member Magic as joining or resigned from the club.
  • Members can review their primary details and easily submit changes to the club right on the page.
  • An optional an online member directory can share member's contact details with each other.
  • The Member Portal is also a full-featured CMS (Content Management System), so clubs can add member-only news, event photos, and club documents.
  • Member's current balances and an online payment facility are also available if Member Magic Accounts is also being used.

Member Correspondence

Keeping members informed of what's happening at a club and the state of their membership is crucial to success. Member Magic has a host of member contact systems built in, to make it easy to communicate regularly with members. 

  • Built-in emailing tools can easily send financial statements or letters to many or all members at once, including mail-merge personalisation, addressing members by name
  • Smart systems can split a correspondence based on member preferences, sending emails where possible, and printing copies to be posted for the remainder of members
  • Dedicated tracking of member's mobile phone numbers and export reports to allow easy bulk SMSing of members via 3rd party SMS systems of club's choice

Innovative features

Member Magic seeks to innovate and excel at managing members.

Scheduled Membership Type Changes

One example of this is a unique support for scheduling a member category change for the new year. Once set, Member Magic will use that different member category when billing for the next year. This can be used to efficiently manage category changes that members request throughout the year, and to manage movement of members between age-based membership types.

Member Unfinancial Flagging

Another is a flexible member financial/unfinancial flagging system that combines the best of automatic system calculations with human oversight to detect members who are overdue with their club account. Members flagged as unfinancial can then have various membership privileges temporarily revoked to remind them to attend to their account, without processing a membership termination.

Images and attachments

Member Magic allows you to attach both images and documents to a member. This helps you to identify a member, and provides a simple place to find members’ documents and correspondence, such as their joining application, and boat or golf buggy registration forms.

Member Groups

Members can be organised into Groups, with each member able to be added to any number of groups. These are independent of the member's membership type/category. This provides you with an easy way to setup email groups, as well as special interest groups.  Member Groups can be used in financial Bulk billing processes, exports and email sending, to target specific sets of members.

Member Relationships

Member Magic allows you to setup relationships between members. For example, 'Proposers' and 'Seconders', and family members. There is also the ability to set a “Head Member”. This can be used to combine member charges onto the one “Head Member” statement for family or corporate memberships.

Custom Fields

The Additional Details feature within Member Magic allows you to setup and manage up to 20 customisable fields. You can use these customisable fields to store any member information that is specific to your club. Each configured additional field is available on each member, and the fields are linked to the report generator so they can be reported on easily.


As a mature membership system that has been developed over years based on the everyday needs of clubs, Member Magic has extensive reporting capabilities.

Member & Category Reports

Member Magic has a thorough set of standard member reports, including:

  • Membership Count - member count in each member category. It can show the count as at now, as at any previous day, scheduled categories for the following year, and hypothetical count if all members late in paying their subscriptions were removed.
  • Member movement report: all new members and member category changes, by date or by member
  • Scheduled member category changes: member
  • Membership type details and billing setup reports

Report Generator

Users can build their own custom reports using this very powerful Report Generator. Reports can be designed on almost any subject stored within Member Magic, such as members, charges, receipts, member notes, facilities (such as lockers), golf competitions, and even club-created custom lists stored with members. The fields on the report can be fully customised, along with subheading grouping and sort order, and totals tallied on quantities or currency fields. Criteria can be specified to control who appears on the reports.

These custom reports can be output to a variety of destinations - printed, saved to PDF, or results can be exported as data for editing or analysis in Excel. Finally, the report design itself - the layout and criteria - can be saved to be re-run in future to see new results based on Member Magic data at that time.

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